Staff SGT Donald Wayne West, Jr., enlisted in the United States Army National Guard on September 11, 2001. As part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Company A of the 150th Combat Engineers served active duty Aug 29, 2004, until Dec 30, 2005. SSGT West returned to college in January, 2006. He married Lauren Ritchie June 9, 2006, at Seaside, Fla., and they have three children. SSGT West completed military service at Camp Minden, LA on Aug 23, 2009.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Day 195 - Hangin' at the Hammock

Any way you cook it, fish tastes better fresh.

Last night, we enjoyed eating king mackerel caught during our outing aboard the Fishbox charter yesterday morning. For $11.95 each, the chef at Kingfish Grill prepared our fish in equal proportions—blackened, fried and grilled—with rice and steamed veggies for sides. My sister added cheese grits, another low country favorite.

Located on the water at Camanche Cove Marina, the Kingfish Grill first made a name for itself as a fish shack cooking catches from sport fishing charters. Now, the restaurant is a popular gathering place and watering hole for locals and tourists alike.

Wayne sent this email just after midnight:

Goodness, that food sounds good. Glad to hear the fish were biting. I love y’all. Take pictures!

Last year, we fished with Captain Dale Woodruff aboard his boat, Class Act, out of Zeke’s Marina in Ft. Morgan, AL. Wayne had a ball pulling red snapper and grouper off the bottom of the Gulf, and even more fun eating it that night.

We spent today in Palm Coast, Florida, at Ocean Hammock Lodge and Golf Club. Marketing Director Allen Anderson, Golf Pro Mary Hafeman and Golf Sales Director David Bokowski welcomed us to the spectacular Oceanside venue. Situated midway between historic St. Augustine and hoppin’ Daytona, Ocean Hammock was recently awarded Four Diamond status by AAA.

Twenty rooms in a country club style setting make it the perfect golf getaway, corporate board retreat, family reunion site or wedding destination.

Condos are also available for rent in a variety of price points and packages. Deep discounts for extended stays in December and January are popular with value hunters.

I bet SFC Kevin Kelly would opt for Ocean Hammock compared to the Sandbox Hammock any day!
"We hit golf balls last night. Jody and I invited LT Lehnemen to come hit some with us. We saw someone walking past and jokingly said I bet you can't hit them. We turned our heads for just a second and he hit it. I'm glad he couldn't reach them. I could just see us getting a court martial for hitting someone with a golf ball. We explained the rules that there is a lot of trash talking while hitting golf balls here and nothing is to be taken seriously. I have really started to get a lot worse instead of better. There is no one safe while I'm hitting the ball. We usually play in a big golf tournament in Philadelphia in a few weeks. We have won it the last two years, but I'm sure Chad is glad he has to find another partner this year as bad as I stink."
(From his Aug 2 journal)

Myron’s partner for today’s round was Guy Maisonet, a high school teacher, coach and host for Camp Olmsted, a historical retreat and camp located on a 76 acre site in Cornwall-On-Hudson, New York. Seagulls and alligators kept us company throughout the day!

Tonight, we’ll celebrate a 7th birthday for Sarah Maddox, Wayne’s cousin from Atlanta. We're hoping to get a phone call!